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I can not say enough about the importance of a good outdoor environment, for your dog. You can live in an apartment and still find great places for your dog to explore and get back to nature, safely. We are extremely proud of the environment that we have created here at RRRe-Dog HQ. It has been a laboratory of study and learning. It has also been a sanctuary of healing for many dog's as well as their owners.
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Important enough to re-echo here and in Rescue Tips. 
Complacency and slipping into it is so human and potentially catastrophic in it's effect.  I have seen many of my clients fall victim and I am sure that many more that I don't know of, have.  I don't say that happily, but say it confidently. It is the way we are wired as humans and we have to be conscious of it. If we aren't aware of it, it will take away all your victories, successes and leave us standing, looking in amazement and saying what Happened!?! A little bit of success and a few easy victories and we soften our stance, don't prepare as well, and assume. When you are working with a predator, as dog is, that can spawn big problems. Like their wolf ancestors, dogs seek to win the war of attrition. They wait you out patiently, until you show weakness and vulnerability. That is when they move in take over and have you at their mercy. Beware complacency my friends, it is your worst enemy!


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