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Meet Allen
Meet Allen - We always had dogs when I was a kid growing up. I rescued my first at age 10 and started obedience training him right away. We lived on a couple of different ranches out west and our life was built around animals and the outdoors. We rode horses everywhere we went and were around all of the kinds of animals you would imagine in that setting. We were in tune with nature and grew up learning about it first hand. We trained our dog and horses and were always watching others do the same.

 Many years went by and I found myself in Florida. I was now an avid wing shooter and lover of duck hunting in particular. I purchased my first retriever pup and could not wait to get her all trained up for hunting. She turned out to be quite the Waterfowl Dog and later was taught to flush and retrieve upland birds. Many people who saw her in the field and liked what they saw, asked for tips and help with training. I had a ten-acre property here in Brevard  County and I set it up for just that purpose. I soon found myself training and helping to train other dogs with equal success. Moving through the training process at some point, behavioral problems would always come up and have to be dealt with. I found myself so involved and interested in the behavioral remedies that the hunting, became secondary. Retriever Park as it was called, became a Dog Park and my serious work with Applied Animal Behavior began.

A woman came to me at the park one day with a Huge Rotti and asked what it would cost to have the place to herself, to work with this dog's behavioral issues. I could not get the words out fast enough. What is your background in behavior? The list of Colleges, other schools, training in Europe and prestigious kennels was impressive. I asked for proof and got it. I gave her the use of the entire facility for free, in exchange for being allowed at every session, with a 30 min question and answer period after. I was like a sponge soaking up her knowledge. Once she knew how interested I was, the 30-minute sessions became 3 hours. The few months that I spent learning from her was an amazing experience, it further fueled my desire to learn.  I continued to train observe, and practice the lessons taught. A year later the same situation was presented to me again by a couple who had both graduated from A Behavioral College and was in Florida for the winter. I made the same deal with them and spent three months studying, as they worked on dogs here at my facility.  Now eighteen years and over five thousand dogs later, I am more excited than ever to get up and go to work helping dogs and the people who own them, to overcome the behavioral problems that they face.  The years of training, experience, and great opportunity have given me the necessary tools and understanding to rehabilitate these dogs and teach their owners how to interact with them in a way that is natural and instinctive (Applied Animal Behavior).
Meet the Pack

Meet Chaka - A female Black Mouth Cur. Chaka was rescued off the street. Sick, injured and in very bad shape, A kind young woman took her home. She gave her the medical and mothering care that she needed to recover and regain her health. This experience fostered many difficult behavioral issues. Now, about 99% through her recovery , Chaka is  helping  other dogs with behavioral issues to overcome them. She is a wonderful girl that got a second chance. All of us at RRRe-Dog love her and she is a very important part of the family, and the team. Thank you Paula for saving her life and helping to make her the fine dog that she is. Nothing is bigger than that.

Meet Mac - A Male Rat Terrier/Jack Russel mix. At four years old Mac has been bounced around from shelter to foster to shelter to foster. He finally found himself with Friends for Animals Sanctuary and thru them to us. He now has his forever home and we have the perfect addition to our family and pack. Mac has already started helping other dogs less fortunate to overcome their behavioral problems and find peace and happy homes. Thank you Greg Eddie for providing us such a quality young guy.  

Meet Bo - Bo is a Chorkie and he came to us at 16 months of age. He is unique to us as he did not come as a rescue or patient. He also came virtually issue free. Bo's former leaders were stricken by health issues that would not allow them to give Bo the exercise and care that he needed. We are proud that they thought enough of us to ask us to adopt Bo. He will now honor his former owners by helping other dogs less fortunate to find balance and happiness. We all love you Bo Bo!
Meet Zachery - Zachery is a Dachshund and the newest member of the RRRe-Dog Pack. He is a 5 year old male and Everyone just loved him from the moment he arrived. Zachery came to us from the wonderful folks at the Halo Rescue in Sebastian. Never allowing them to fall through the cracks. Little Angels at Halo saw that he had been in the shelter for an extended period and his luck at finding a home had not been good. Forces were mobilized to get him to RRRe-Dog for some fun, exercise and to asses his behavior. As fate would have it, he has found his forever home. Angels at work!!
Retired -  It comes time for all of our work to  be done and it 's  Tank's turn now.  Your help and impact with RRRe-dog will never be forgotten.  Your personality and zest for everything dog gives us a bench mark to measure from.  Enjoy the rest of your Journey , we will all miss you boy.  Meet Tank-The DNA test is still out, but we believe that Tank is a Griffon/mix. As with all of our Canine Assistants, he came to us as a patient first. As his issues were eliminated his true self began to emerge and we offered him a job. Tank is warm, playful and loves people and other dogs.
Tank was originally surrendered to Halo Rescue and adopted out as a puppy. Through no fault of his own that home was not the right one for him, so he found himself back at Halo. That stay was short lived. He came to RRRe-Dog for some Vacay and then was adopted out very quickly. Tank has his forever home now and both he and his new owner are equally lucky and happy. He lives on the water with 6 other lucky dogs and an owner who adores him. He has a very special large fenced play area at home and visits us here weekly. You are a wonderful member of the family, a great asset to RRRe-Dog and we love you Tank!
RETIRED -  Karma  recently  retired from  her  duties at RRRe-dog.  Her affect on dogs and humans alike leaves a legacy and  a void.  It can not be selfish love that we have for you  girl. You are one of the brightest lights I have seen in my life.  Keep shining bright always.  Meet Karma - A Super Newfie in every way! Karma does not belong to us, but work's exclusively for RRRe-Dog as a Canine Assistant.
Karma came to us as a patient first, but as we
moved through her rehabilitation she began to show a set of wonderful skills
. Skills that were lost to us with the passing of Pooch and Savannah. Karma excels at helping humans with their handling skills and other dogs with so many things. We love you girl and are very lucky to have you as part of the team!    
Those Always Remembered
As mother nature will always have her way, a changing of the guard has taken place at RRRe-Dog. We celebrate the lives of our past pack members by continuing to help dogs and their owners to improve their communication and relationships!  

Meet Sparky- A male Dachshund mix, Sparky was rescued from the shelter system with no real behavioral issues. He was assesed and then placed in a foster home where many behavioral problems were created. Sparky was recovering nicely from this experience, but the problems had become very intense in a short time. We worked dilligently with Sparky but Mother Nature saw fit to call him early. We don't always agree but must except her decision. 

Meet Savannah - A female Black Lab, Savannah was rescued from a pet store where she was mistreated, and kept in a cage she could not even turn around in.  She had fear and trust based issues. She was with us for 12 years and was a great role model for other dogs. Calm and social, she was the " Quiet Rock" of the pack. She never had one moment of tradional dog obedience training, yet she obeyed the commands.  She was the nurturer the mother and the first one to try to sooth a bad situation. She was also our oldest member. Savannah came to us through family friends, and we thank them every day for her. 

Meet Pooch - A Female Chocolate Lab. I raised her from the age of 10 weeks, and she was my loving companion for more than 9 years. Originally trained as a Waterfowl and Upland Retriever, she then became an invaluable part of the RRRe-Dog Team.  Her open invitation to meeting new dogs and people made her a wonderful part of the rehabilitative process. Helping to teach social skills to dogs and handling skills to humans, Pooch excelled at this, as she did her hunting duties. Her sensitivities were also a great barometer for what other dogs were feeling. As her leader I could not have asked for a better or more loving girl.

Always remembering where we started

It seems like a long time ago and it seems like yesterday. In 2001 Retriever Park was born. It was the stage on which my behavioral foundation was born and grew. Many, Many people and dogs passed through Retriever Park. I learned from each and every encounter and I anxiously awaited the next. I owe the people who supported me there a great deal of thanks. Without you I could never have gotten to where we are today. Wonderful people who were simply looking to enhance their dogs lives. From Putter and Driver to Silly Sally and more. We all did just that! It was such a pleasure!

"I love What I Do"



Applied  Animal Behaviorist, Applied Dog Behaviorist, Dog Behaviorist Brevard County Florida, Dog Behavior Specialist Brevard County Florida, Dog Whisperer, Dog Trainer, Obedience Trainer, K-9 Behavior Specialist. Dog Psychologist. What ever you call it, or what ever search words got you here. You are looking for help in improving your dogs behavior and your relationship with them.

Well, you have come to the right place!

I am an Applied Dog Behaviorist and I am committed to helping you do just that!


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